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The seminar “Spiritual Medicine 1”


The three day intensive seminar “Spiritual Medicine I” – Healing with the Power of the Spirit

Guided by me personally on all three days.
Berlin, no date in 2022. Information and registration through, mail:

    The participation in the three-day seminar “Spiritual Medicine 1” costs 510,- Euro. A deposit of 140,- Euro is required for a definite confirmation of participation. The seminar begins on the respective Friday at 1 pm, Saturday and Sunday at 10 am (in the monastery however already at 9 am). The seminar lasts on Friday and Saturday until 7 pm at the latest and ends on Sunday at about 4 pm.
    A booking is final with the receipt of the deposit. If the participation is cancelled within one week before the start of the seminar, the deposit can be retained in full by the organiser as a cancellation fee. If a cancellation is made at an earlier date, half of the deposit can be retained by the organiser as a cancellation fee.
    The power of the mind can relieve pain and cure disease. The extremely positive effect of spiritual healing on health has been documented in several scientific studies. As a healer I work with the energetic means of “spiritual medicine” and am often surprised by the extent of its effectiveness myself. More and more students of mine are doing the same. Maybe even sceptically at first they attend the course out of curiosity, but afterwards they begin to apply what they have learned and to heal themselves, happy about the possibility to help others and happy about the wonderful experiences they make.
    Anyone can heal. Not everybody knows that. Some people are aware that they can, they just don’t know how. Others wish they could, but they don’t think they’re capable of it. Still others doubt that spiritual healing is possible at all and if it is, at least not for them – even if the subject somehow has a certain magical appeal.

    The latter can also learn to heal with the power of the spirit, if they are prepared to reconsider and possibly give up their rationally sceptical attitude.

    For the participation in the seminar “Spiritual Medicine 1” no previous knowledge is required. However, a medical background is not an obstacle and knowledge of spiritual healing methods is definitely beneficial. Again and again doctors come to me for treatment and also attend my courses. Tired of the mechanistic approach of being able to cure symptoms only on a physical level, they seek to expand their possibilities in Spiritual Medicine. For similar reasons alternative practitioners, physiotherapists and people from other helping professions are interested in participating.

    The seminar is structured in such a way that the participants are introduced to the topic of spiritual healing, have initiatory experiences and subsequently learn how to conduct energies from the so-called ultra-fine ray.

    The contents of the seminar “Spiritual Medicine I” are based on the emotional, mental and spiritual sensitivities of the participants and are designed by me according to the circumstances. Therefore every seminar is different. One reason why it is not seldom repeated by participants.

    The following aspects are part of the intensive seminar “Spiritual Medicine I”:

    • Rituals to heal early childhood injuries
    • Energetic resolution of possible childhood traumas
    • Methods of introspection to see the Inner Divine Light, the healing source within us
    • Method for attenuating the inner monologue by concentrating on the heavenly gate
    • Method for stopping the inner monologue by concentrating on a word
    • Initiatory practice to increase one’s own energy, accelerate spiritual growth and mobilize the healing power
    • Practices of contacting the High-Fine Light and the sphere of the saints in order to receive healing energy from there
      exercises for the perception of the energy whirls
    • Exercise for the perception of the task of life
    • Exercises for the perception of the energetic field and its layers with the aim of harmonizing the field
    • Techniques for harmonizing your own energetic field through visualization and energy conduction without direct contact
    • Techniques to harmonize the energy whirls without direct contact
    • Techniques for transmitting healing energy without direct contact
    • Techniques of spiritual healing through direct touch
      Practice of all techniques to create a familiarity with them
    • Methods to protect against harmful influences
    • Establishment of a lasting connection to the saint

    Lectures: What is energy? Where do we come from? What do the parents mean? What gives us direction in life? Which inner attitude do we need for healing? What hinders healing? Which diseases are curable? What does the illness tell us? Why is it helpful to see the illness as a friend who wants to help us and not as an enemy? What is death? What is an occupation? Why do we feel pity? Do we need compassion? What does the attitude of loving equanimity mean? What is healthy for the healer? Why do healers also get sick? Can healers heal themselves? Why do we have a purpose in this life?

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