2005 “Spiritual Medicine – Healing With The Power Of The Mind” (Rororo)
2007 „The Book Of Transition – Spiritual Medicine And Accompanying The Dying“ (Allegria)
2011 “The Book Of Arrival – The Path Of The Soul To Birth“ (Allegria)
2013 „Karma Healing“ (Schirner)
2013 „Resonance Medicine – Manifest To Sustainable Healing“ (Allegria)
2016 „Medicina De Resonancia“ is published in Spain, not yet available in english
2017 “Healing For Queen And Warrior. 9 Archetypes” (Schirner)

Otmar Jenner, Biography

I head the “Centre for Health Work” in Berlin. I teach and practice spiritual medicine. As certified, alternative, medical practitioner, I do not practice traditional allopathic medicine, but instead I am relying on healing practices for psychotherapy.

Born in 1958 in Hamburg, I became familiar with spiritual healing practices in my youth. Illnesses were alleviated by my father’s practice of laying on of hands, an ancient spiritual healing practice – and he encouraged me to do likewise. Although I remained fascinated with the practice of spiritual healing, my teenage years were most prominently evolving around music and journalism. My passion for journalism, in particular war and investigative journalism, animated me to travel across the world in pursuit of challenging the status quo by reporting on the life led by citizens of war zones. It’s this passion and inspiration to challenge the status quo that essentially caused me to have a near-death-experience – awaking my fascination with spiritual healing anew.


Spiritual health care

I learned from renowned and well-respected healers, such as Attilio Ferrara. After years of intensive training, I developed my own method: Spiritual Healing by Otmar Jenner. Key characteristics of my method are the dissolution of burdens caused by former incarnations and birth traumas as well as the energetic cleansing of the aura and the chakras.

Very often deeply hidden emotional traumas or unconscious childhood experiences surface later in life. Identifying, analyzing and resolving these traumas are key concepts of a spiritual recovery and the minds rejuvenation – often accomplished through the method of energetic healing. As, in my experience, every sustainable recovery starts on the mental level, which causes a resonance on the physical level. Approximately seventy percent of all treated patients reported a significant improvement in their well-being though a spiritual healing treatment.