Holosophy / Health Work

Since everything is energy – even the mind – matter sets no limits. Energy flows when the mind is focused.

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Health Work, Berlin

Otmar Jenner

Holosophy / Health Work – space for healing. I head the “Centre for Spiritual Healing” in Berlin. I teach and practice spiritual medicine. As certified, alternative, medical practitioner, I do not practice traditional allopathic medicine, but instead I am relying on healing practices for psychotherapy.


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Mind-body healing, Touch for Health, healing with energy and the power of the mind – Spiritual healing is not an exact science. And yet it is logical.


Leading and wonderful. Resonance medicine is a real discovery for me.“
Dr. Anne Hewig


Energetic therapy has proven to be a great addition to my treatment methods.“
Prof. Harry Conrads

Healing Songs

The songs touch the depths of our souls. You can feel the resonance with the Holy.“
Ralf Goldkind

Spiritual Healing

And then I feel like a new person. I knew I was healthy and would remain healthy.“
J. Schneider

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“Make the leap, check out the continent of the soul with me” – Otmar Jenner, author of “Spiritual Medicine”, “Resonance Medicine”