From 2005 on: 12 books about spiritual topics.
Best known: „Spiritual Medicine – Healing with the Power of the Soul“.
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Otmar Jenner, Biography

As a Therapist and Alternative Practitioner for Psychotherapy (HPG) I am head of the „Centre for Health Work“. I practice and teach the methodology described in my books “Spiritual Medicine” and “Resonance Medicine”. In my experience, sustainable recovery begins on the emotional level and causes a curative response to the physical body. In about seventy percent of all treated clients a significant improvement can be observed.

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Healing Songs

Words of healing, songs for healing, sound that resonates directly into the heart, caresses the soul, fills the mind, creates space and can cause refinement. The Healing Songs & Spirituals are sounds from a sacred space. Because everything that is, resonates. Our thoughts, feelings, even the cells in our body.

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