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    • Basics of Spiritual Medicine (SpM B1) in English

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Online seminars with Otmar Jenner – platform, costs

All online seminars (webinars) announced on this page will take place via the web platform ZOOM (https://zoom.us).
Each online seminar consists of 5 lessons, each lasting a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 2.5 hours, staring 6 p.m. GMT.
Until further notice the lessons are free of charge.
There is no need for registration in advance. If need more information please send an email: oj@otmarjenner.de

An important and therefore essential aspect of my work in all seminars is interaction in the group and also the experience of group energy.
Both are limited or not available online.
But participants can attend online and learn in the shelter of their own home.

This is also valuable.

I see online seminars as a good opportunity to discover the practice of spiritual medicine as well as the methodology of meditation & introspection.
One like the other can be deepened if necessary with physical presence in a group in an appropriate seminar.

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