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Healer Training “Spiritual Medicine advanced”

Over a period of almost ten months on four training weekends

Training goal: Expansion and professionalization of the healing ability. Motto: I devote myself to healing.
The participation in the “Healer Training – Spiritual Medicine advanced” is limited to twenty participants. Early registration is advisable.

The dates of the healer training (no dates for 2024, probably 2025 again)

  • 1st training weekend: Friday, to Sunday,
  • 2nd training weekend: Friday, to Sunday,
  • 3rd training weekend: Friday, to Sunday,
  • 4th training weekend: Thursday, to Sunday,

Additional Information and registration through Silvia Hörl, mail: , phone: +49 173 9473641‬‬.

For a definite acceptance a signed registration form has to be sent back to me and a deposit has to be paid. Further details see below and by request.

    The participation in the training “Spiritual Medicine advanced” costs 2.170,- Euro. A deposit of 550,- Euro is required for a definite confirmation of participation. A booking is definite with the receipt of the deposit. The training lasts about ten months with physical presence on four training weekends. The first three of these are Fridays to Sundays, while the fourth is extended by one day from Thursday to Sunday. The training weekends begin on the first day at 1 pm. In addition, six online appointments via Zoom (participation as needed).
    “Spiritual Medicine advanced” is good for the professionalization of already developed abilities. The training is particularly suitable for therapists to expand existing basic knowledge.
    In “Spiritual Medicine advanced”, the most diverse methods of mental healing are taught, learned practically and thus used in a mutually efficient way. The training can be attended after consultation with me under the following conditions: successful participation in the seminars “Spiritual Medicine I” and “Spiritual Medicine II” or the “Academy Spiritual Medicine”.

    General information about “Healer Training – Spiritual Medicine advanced”:

    1. What is the goal of the Healer Training?
    The Healer Training is based on the seminars “Spiritual Medicine I” and “Spiritual Medicine II” (or alternatively the “Academy Spiritual Medicine I & II”) lectured by me.
    What has already been learned is deepened through continuous practice over a longer period of time. This continuity causes a further strengthening and refinement of the already acquired skills. Healer training can be understood and used as an intensification of the life theme. But beyond this, the goal of the training is to help other people “professionally” as a healer. This will be worked towards in a concentrated way.

    2. For whom is the healer training?
    For graduates of the seminar “Spiritual Medicine II”, who are already working in a so-called “healing profession” or want to become one and want to apply the methods of spiritual healing and spiritual medicine “professionally”.

    3. How is the healer training structured?
    The focus of the training is on the development of perception and healing abilities. For this purpose, already known but also new practices of spiritual healing are practiced and applied. At the end of each training unit the participants are given tasks to be worked on until the following training weekend. Since I will guide and accompany the participants over a longer period of time, I can also focus on their individual development. Webinars are offered to accompany the training. If necessary, individual consultations are also given.

    4. Is there training material available?
    Basically it is desired that the participants have the contents of the healer training in their minds and not on paper. In my book “Resonance Medicine – Manifesto of Sustainable Healing Art” the essential methods are presented in a practical way. This methodical part should have been read before starting the training.

    5. Is there an examination and a certificate at the end of the healer training?
    Since spiritual healing does not always lead to absolute measurable results and these may be increasingly absent in examination situations, there is no examination in the conventional sense at the end of the healer training. Rather, the healing work and ability of the participants is tested by me again and again during the entire healer training. Only in this way can the training goal of “professional” qualification be achieved. There is a certificate of participation at the end of the training. Participants will be listed (if desired) on my website.

    6. Can the healer training be partially booked and attended?
    Unfortunately not. For a continuous work with progressive learning processes the participation in all training units is necessary. If a day of absence cannot be avoided, the training can be continued. In case of more than one day of absence additional arrangements are necessary. Otherwise the remaining participants would be held up.

    7. Spiritual Medicine advanced+
    At irregular intervals an additional seminar “Spiritual Medicine advanced+” is offered for graduates of the healer training. It lasts four days, builds on the contents of the completed training and serves to further deepen the methods already practiced as well as to exchange ideas with other graduates of the healing training. The participation costs 590,- Euro. Places are limited, as only about twenty participants are admitted. Dates for this under “Seminar & training dates at a glance”. Registration and further information by mail about me.

    8. Annual group open end for participants of advanced+
    Due to repeated demand, I will offer a seminar for graduates of advanced+ from 2022 on, which will take place once a year to further deepen their knowledge and develop their personality. The annual group will also be four days long. The participation costs 490,- Euro. Places are limited, as only about 12 participants are admitted. Dates for this under “Seminar & training dates”. Registration and further information by mail about me.

    Otmar Jenner – Heilerausbildung “Spirituelle Medizin advanced”

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