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Anxiety & Spiritual Medicine


Four days to fight fear and stress

A practical guide – led by me personally on all days. Especially interesting for psychotherapists as well as participants with an anxiety topic.

Without fear there would be no corrective for meaningful and healthy action. Therefore fear is basically helpful and a good signal for avoiding danger. But meaningful fear can turn into less meaningful, pathological anxiety. Anxiety that isolates, that makes lonely and as a consequence makes life unfit for life. So it is destructive.

Fear is bound to fantasy, namely to the idea of a fateful, possibly life-threatening and therefore catastrophic turn of events. Experience is part of life. Beautiful, but also painful. The more we have suffered in the past, the more we fear others in the future.
What else threatens me? That my partner leaves me, I get sick, something happens to my children, the plane I’m on crashes, money is no longer worth anything, natural disasters occur, war breaks out, I’m attacked and all that. What if?
As nice as it is to have a vivid imagination, it can become a prison.
Frightened people therefore often try to paralyse or possibly kill their own imaginations. But in the process, part of their personality is paralysed or dies. Not a salutary way. It is much healthier to direct one’s imagination in a more vital direction. How to do this – not least that is what the seminar is about.

Fear is retreat, contraction, narrowing – and thus the opposite of distance. To be afraid actually means quite concretely psychological narrowness. A person cannot be both at the same time: wide and narrow. In a state of narrowness, width is impossible. Namely happiness and love, both states of expanse.
Fear is the natural enemy of happiness and love.
Then what about people who love risk and seek fear in order to get a kick out of it?
They are in love with the feeling of sudden expanse that follows the experience of narrowness. The fear-kick seekers accept fear, because they know that narrowness is followed by expanse, they experience happiness because they risk fear, even mortal fear, before. An aberration, as I myself have experienced first hand. A neurochemical error, in fact, which does not really promote lasting happiness.

So how can individual happiness be promoted in the long term?
Through more inner balance. In other words, a more healing balance between narrowness and vastness and a more equanimous approach to the limbo of individual existence.

Seminar goal: Healing of the own fear. Growing ability to effectively support people with an anxiety disorder. Motto: I let go of my fears.

    The participation in the four-day seminar “Anxiety & Spiritual Medicine” costs 590,- Euro. A deposit of 180,- Euro is required for a definite confirmation of participation. The seminar begins on the respective Thursday at 1 pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 10 am. The seminar lasts on Friday and Saturday until 7 pm at the latest and ends on Sunday at about 14 pm.
    A booking is final with the receipt of the deposit. If the participation is cancelled within one week before the start of the seminar, the deposit can be retained in full by the organizer as a cancellation fee. If a cancellation is made at an earlier date, half of the deposit can be retained by the organizer as a cancellation fee.

    – Partner and group exercises for mirroring fears.
    – Guided meditations to find hidden fears.
    – Introspective confrontation with primal fears.
    – Confrontation with frightening images.
    – Visualizations to dissolve fears.
    – Methoden der Spirituelle Medizin gegen Angst.
    – Tiefgreifende Betrachtung und Auseinandersetzung mit dem Thema Angst.

    The seminar teaches methods for overcoming fear. The seminar is in itself a process for overcoming anxiety. Those who can get involved will become more courageous, but above all more loving. Because love is the only real means against anxiety.

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