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About Circular Topics

Everyone has energy topics, called whirls, because if they are in good health they whirl. For most people, these circular topics are as invisible as the field with its different layers. Healers can usually see them or at least feel them. If the energy whirls of a person are functionally disturbed, their health will be disturbed and their well-being will be limited. Because the so-called subtle vortexes are to be regarded as the actual functional control centers of a human being.

The eight whirls represent eight central life themes. If one of the energy whirls is disturbed, this points to irritations of the related life theme.

Vitality and survival impulse belong to the first whirl. Some people fight their physicality. This is linked to the root whirl. If sensuality is rejected, this is shown in the second whirl. If man wants to hide himself from the world, this becomes visible in the solarplexus whirl. Hardly self-love – visible in the heart whirl. Inhibited self-expression – visible in the laryngeal whirl. Blocked intuition – visible in the whirl on the forehead. No connection to spirituality – perceptible in the crown whirl. And then the eighth whirl, the gateway to the sacred space, the individual access to higher worlds.

Wonderful to get there, to enter, to rest over the top. To open the access to more health for the seven lower whirls.

Eight whirls are especially important.

     whirl is called the root, lies between the legs and regulates the survival power.
    is called the sexual whirl, lies below the belly button and is responsible for physical sensations.
    is the solar plexus whirl above the navel, the human powerhouse.
    is the heart whirl, center of the ability to love. 
    is the throat whirl, the communication center at the larynx.
    is the whirl between the eyebrows, seat of intuition.
    is the crown whirl on top of your head, the gateway to the universal consciousness.
    is the out-of-body whirl about fifty centimetres above the head, the gateway to the sacred space.

    With energetic streaming the whirls are harmonized and blockages could be eliminated.

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