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About The Field

As already said elsewhere: Everything that is, consists of energy and information.
“Sounds rather abstract and technical”, you might object. “What does that have to do with reality? With the desire to bite into an apple? Red on one side, yellow on the other, altogether well ripened and juicy.”
“Bon appétit”, you might now wish and think that would be the end of the discussion.
In fact, it is just the beginning.
For it is energy and information, perceptible as taste, that distinguishes an apple from a pear.
“Ah, genetics”, you might interject and again think that the discussion is over.
In fact, it is only starting, because even so-called genetics is the fruit of a special coding of energy and information that makes the apple an apple and distinguishes a pear from a mirabelle. This special coding has the character of a field, is very complex and permeates and surrounds all objects, living and dead. For existence is only possible at all thanks to energy and information. A realisation of quantum physics.

Thus, an energetic-informal field surrounds and permeates every human being. This field of a person is individual, namely his or her very own energetic and informal coding.
The coding is as delicate as a breath, perceptible as a fine glow and in colour. Different colours depending on type and health – his or her personal field.

The energy field of a human (and also of animals and plants) has different levels, which are usually called layers. But that is a bit misleading, because the individual layers penetrate each other.

People who see a colorful field in other people are likely to see their emotional body. The emotional body, also called astral body, is already the second layer. The first, called the etheric body, also called the blueprint of the biological body, is easier to recognize.

Those who want to practice “field vision” ask a familiar person to sit in front of a white or gray wall and sit in front of them at a distance of about five meters. It is now important to look at his counterpart with an unfocused look.

Ideally, the person is struck with a glance. Very quickly you can see a white field around this person. And with practice then another, colorful field.

The human field shows up in layers.

    layer, usually up to four centimeters thick, is perceived milky and is the so-called etheric body of the material body, its energy field that keeps disease germs and keeps it alive.
    layer is the emotional body or astral body, the emotional memory of a human being. Depending on condition, light or dull colored and usually up to half a meter thick.
    layer is the mental body, a fine tissue of thought that surrounds everyone, rarely over a meter thick. Only visible for a few people.
    layer is the spiritual body, residence of individuality.

    Energetic streaming and the method of recovery eliminates blockages in all layers of the human field.

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