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Frequently asked questions:

What is the effect of energetic streaming and spiritual healing?
Answer: It effects the whole person. A symptom can never be considered separately. Energetic streaming results in an improvement in the overall condition.

What problems can be treated with success?
Basically all. Depending on the severity but in consultation with a physician.

What can be felt during a session?
Some people get goosebumps, others feel a tingling, others heat when the hands are placed and energy flows. Particularly sensitive people can see lights.

What to do when anxiety arises before attending a healing session?
Most people are not familiar with energetic healing. Not surprising then, if only the attending of a healing session could arise fear. That vanishes mostly with direct contact.

What to do when anxiety rises during a session?
If anxiety occurs during a healing session, it should be said immediately. But reactions of fear or similar negative experiences are very rare during healing sessions.

What Paracelsus, one of the fathers of modern medicine, has to do with energetic healing.
Energetic streaming is probably the oldest known method for relieving pain and treating diseases. Even Paracelsus (1493 – 1541), one of the founders of modern medicine has cured with energy. Depending on the culture, the healing energy is called Chi, Od, Prana, universal power, cosmic fluid or life energy. From experienced healers it can be concentrated and directed. Energetic streaming does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment, but is very helpful in addition.

The following methods are used:

  • Exploration of mental blocks during conversation.
  • Energetic cleansing of the body-mind-spirit system through focused visualization.
  • Harmonization of the so-called subtle human energy system.
  • Energy transmission to activate the power of self-healing. Hands are thereby placed directly. Not infrequently, the energy is transmitted also from a short distance.

The following reactions are known:

  • A temporary symptom aggravation rarely lasts longer than three days, mostly followed by recovery.
  • Deep relaxation accompanied by drowsiness can impair the ability to drive.
  • Temporary rising heat, rare sensations of cold.

Further complications and negative consequences of energetic streaming are unknown. Lasting negative effects that go beyond a temporary symptom aggravation also were not observed. Many people reported that they had seen bright light during a healing session. However it must be noted that a session can remain without noticeable effect.

Energetic streaming is considered from a legal perspective as a religious practice, an attempt to reach the soul of the sick in order to enable physical healing. For the legislator an act of self or spontaneous healing.

Sick people lack life energy. Spiritual healing helps to reestablish the flow of life energy and is a holistic approach that serves the health of body, mind and soul.

Basics of spiritual healing

Modern physics teaches, that everything is made of energy. The human body as well as the light. A basic rule of spiritual healing is: Since everything is energy – even the mind – matter sets no limits. Energy flows everywhere. As so life energy, the universal power. If people are missing life energy they get sick.

Especially in connection with so-called chronic diseases and untreatable cases allopathic medicine reaches its limits. For these cases energetic streaming can bring a significant relief of symptoms and even a complete recovery.

The methodology of spiritual healing shall not replace medical treatment but is recommended in addition. However, improvement can not be promised or guaranteed in any case.

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