Call me if you are in a crisis


“When the ceiling falls on your head,” I titled a blog article.

This may be happening faster than most people think. Involuntary isolation is not pleasant.

One should leave the apartment as little as possible, in order not to endanger others.

The reason is not negotiable: the mathematics of viral infection.

Self-isolation, social segregation, quarantine – these are current terms.

My task as a therapist and alternative practitioner for psychotherapy is to help other people to overcome psychological distress.

A task that is more important than ever in times of a worsening crisis.

Therefore I now want to help people in distress more often by telephone.

Call me if you are in psychological distress.

I will not charge a fee for this service.

You can reach me directly at the following number:

+49 163 2298614

If the mailbox answers, please do not leave a message.
In this case, please try again at another time.
Yours – Otmar Jenner

If you were satisfied with the telephone consultation and would therefore like to make a donation, you can do so via PayPal.