18.05.2021 – actual notification

I will not be able to schedule any appointments at the practice for the period of July 21 through September 25 this year.
This is necessary for personal reasons and is not a cause for concern. Until then I am available. Then again in October.
Thank you for understanding!

15.04.2021 – actual notification

I am skeptical that indoor classes will be possible this year.
And that in a relaxed and joyful way – two basic prerequisites for practicing in the sense of Spiritual Medicine.
Therefore I have decided (also in consultation with Silvia Hörl) to postpone all location-bound seminars to next year.
I am sad about it. And at the same time convinced that this decision is right. Sorry!!!

Courses are currently still only held online. Among the topics that are best teachable online.
The basics of Spiritual Medicine and Spiritual Self-Defense as well as Meditation and Introspection (Adi) can be taught online.
In fact, online teaching via ZOOM has advantages in some aspects that I increasingly appreciate.
This is especially true for my online seminar “Dreamtimes” on the art of lucid dreaming and dream guidance.
Teaching methods of dream guidance and traveling in dreams needs regular instruction over a long period of time, so online is ideal.
More about this on the corresponding page.

You can reach me directly at the following number:

+49 163 2298614

If the mailbox answers, please do not leave a message.
In this case, please try again at another time.
Or send an Email to: o.jenner(at)gmx.de
Yours – Otmar Jenner