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Centre for Spiritual Healing, Otmar Jenner
– Identifying & resolving hidden traumas
– Holistic mind mapping & development of the self
– Rebalancing the energetic circuit of the physical & subtle body
– Energetic  & morphogenetic health care & clearing

Practice 1:
c / o Orthopädiezentrum Schmargendorf
Warnemünder Straße 8
14199 Berlin-Schmargendorf
For individual sessions in Berlin-Schmargendorf call:
+49-30-89 74 70 408

Practice 2:
c / o Psychotherapiepraxis Kalinowski
Stresemannstr. 21 (in the courtyard take the elevator to the 5th floor)
10963 Berlin-Kreuzberg (underground station Hallesches Tor)
For individual sessions in Berlin-Kreuzberg call:
+ 49-30-25 11 507

(Both telephone numbers are used for appointments, not for extensive information)

Important: Please be on time. From a delay of fifteen minutes the appointment must be very likely moved.

Address 1

Address 2