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Sweet new monarchy

By Friday April 17th, 2020April 30th, 2020Food for thought

The coronation has taken place. La corona (Italian/Spanish/Catalan) – the crown fits somehow. Increasingly on the heads of mankind. And the world is carrying along. On the consequences, at least.

But is the world now king and humanity queen?

I doubt it. For a while it seemed as if the virologist Christian Drosten of the Robert Koch Institute had crowned himself as the ruler of the sovereignty of interpretation. Then the burden probably became too heavy for him and he handed the crown over to the German chancellor. She now rules with directives like a queen, but does not want to be addressed as a sovereign. She wants to appear as one of the people.

A strange time, in which a coronation took place, but the royal suspects do not want to be called king or queen and do not want to appear as such. A strange time, which is still officially called a democracy with temporary restrictions, although it is the new reign of feudalism.

The logo of the Mexican Corona brewery. Fits the text so well, I had to use it here. The beer has nothing to do with the virus. Tastes even more delicious in these royal times.

Oh no, dear! I can already hear the contradiction. How can you say that? It’s too harshly worded and misses the point. If you haven’t noticed, we have a crisis, not feudalism. This thing with the crown is a mere wordplay!

You’d think so. However, at the moment, protagonists who are otherwise fiercely divided are in agreement. Iran with Israel and the USA. Countries like China, Russia, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq with Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Australia, New Zealand. Because all these states, authoritarian ruled and democratic-administrative led, have drastically restricted the freedom of their populations. Increased police presence watches over the observance of the ordered restrictions. In some countries, the military has also entered the scene. The matter smells of a truly royal union.

Anyone in Germany who wants to travel from one federal state to another (e.g. from Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to Schleswig-Holstein) but does not live there is currently (still) held up and sent back to the registration address if there is no valid reason to continue the journey. You must have experienced this to know how it feels.
Although this strict practice will be eased in the coming weeks, it does not mean a return to the time before Covid-19.

And demonstrations against these royal commands? Public gatherings as a collective expression of protest?
Because gatherings of more than two people who are not part of a common family are currently prohibited, demonstrations were also prohibited by emergency legislation.
So far. An emergency appeal to the Federal Constitutional Court has just been successful.
But does this mean that in the near future thousands of people will be able to gather in front of the Reichstag to protest against political decisions?
Probably not. A small group of fifty, maybe even a hundred people will probably be granted the right to express their public displeasure. But does this mean a return to a functioning democracy?

In order to counter the spread of Covid-19, ever larger parts of the population are being tested. In combination with smartphone apps that provide movement profiles, this may allow increasingly accurate knowledge about the progress of the pandemic. From an epidemiological point of view this is useful, if not necessary. But it is contrary to democracy. Or have I misunderstood something here?

Exactly: there has been a coronation.

La corona, the crown will now be passed onward at all times. From one to the next, faster and faster. But who is actually holding the sceptre in his hand in all this bustle? Amazon founder Jeff Bezos? Microsoft founder Bill Gates? The owners of Netflix? Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook? The Apple Corporation? The US pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson? His competitor Pfizer?

Anyway, they hold up their hands. But as winners of the crisis, are they the real conductors? Each of them carries a sceptre. They do not want the crown. They’ll pass it on. On and on and on. Maybe that’s how it should be in this new beautiful monarchy.

Stay healthy!

Yours – Otmar Jenner

P.S. Dear readers, English is not my mother tongue. If you find striking mistakes in the wording, please let me know (

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