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When the ceiling is falling on your head

By Friday March 13th, 2020April 1st, 2020Nachrichten

Now online: Spiritual medicine against increasing fear and growing frustration.

People feel lost when they are isolated. Isolation hurts, separation sucks. We are not meant to be hermits. What to do when you’re forced to stay at home? What helps when the ceiling is falling on your head?

Well, the best thing to do these days is to recharge your batteries on a mental level. Probably more important than ever.

Vitalize your psyche with methods of Spiritual Medicine. Refuel subtle energy. Take a step forward. Risk a direct encounter with yourself. Use the time of forced retreat for spiritual growth. This is the time to go into oneself, to find joy in it, to learn from it, to grow inwardly.

This helps against frustration, fear and depression.

Isolation is torture. People in solitary confinement know how terrible it is.

Social isolation now looms throughout Europe. Companies condemn employees to work at home. Segregation as a necessity in the fight against a viral enemy.

In the shadow of coronary excitement, discontent is rampant. 

A dissatisfaction that can turn into frustration as economic uncertainty grows. The danger of becoming depressed is increasing.

In times of change and crisis, mental stability is the most important thing.

Mental stability also vitalises the body and enables calm, calculated weighing up.

The strength that comes from calmness is needed now. The will to accept the present challenges. A commitment to change.

In other words: take Corona sporty, dear reader. Learn the methods of Spiritual Medicine and the art of positive thinking to avoid infection by negative thought patterns..

However, this is not an invitation to trivialize the danger of infection with the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 and illness of covid 19. Follow the advice of the health authorities and behave in a way that protects other people!

But as a reminder: we live in the most peaceful time of all times in Europe. Never before has there been such peace in this part of the world. That’s nice. That’s wonderful. It seems normal, which is also beautiful – if we value that normality.

Corona is not war. The corona virus is spreading radically, and this will have consequences for all of us. Corona is therefore another word for change and, in a non-cynical way, optimization. Through Corona we will learn to deal with each other in a sensible and healthy way in very densely populated regions.

Suppose Corona were a lady of the same name. At present she shows a frightening face. She might make you afraid of her. Temporarily and in the sense of a wake-up call, this is quite reasonable.

Dear Lady Corona, we heard you. Now it is time to learn to live with you.

The time of transition is likely to be challenging, possibly harsh. But we will grow through it. And in that awareness, we will gain psychological vitality and stability.

Spiritual medicine, meditation and the art of positive thinking – these are the remedies in the times of fear and rapid change.

Watch out for my online seminars. Explore the continent of your soul. Find joy in the new inwardness. When the sun shines inside us, there will be light even in the darkest basement. Stay tuned.

Yours – Otmar

P.S. Dear readers, English is not my mother tongue. If you find serious mistakes in the wording of an article, please let me know (

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